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Brake Lines 90 Deg Fitting

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Upgrade your brake and clutch lines with these stainless steel braided lines!

Get better stopping feedback and precise control!

No more spongy brake lines and loss of brake feel

Available in multiple lengths and colors

Note: One end has a  28 degree fitting and the other is a 90 degree fitting 

Lengths: 17.7" to 90.5" 

Colors: Black, Silver

Don't forget copper crush washers


  1. Various colors and length to choose from (be sure to measure correctly by following our measurement guide or watch our video on how to measure them properly below)
  2. Improve braking sensitivity and no more sponginess
  3. The use of only high quality material to ensure its durability and security.

Measurement Guide: Be sure to properly measure what length/s you will need

One method for measuring your lines is through the use of small gauge wire.

  1. Route the wire in the same manner that you would the S.S. line.  For example, with front brake lines, start at the brake master cylinder, at the banjo bolt hole (on the handle bars) and route the wire down to the front wheel brake caliper banjo bolt hole.
  2. Be sure to turn the bars all the way to the left and then back to the right to assure that you will have enough line length to cover your full turning radius.
  3. Mark or cut the wire where you need it and you are ready to take your measurement from that wire. Use the same method to measure for the rear brake line, and clutch line, if applicable.
  4. Once you have these measurements, you are all set!
  5. Select the appropriate size in the drop down menu, choose your color, and add to cart!

Material: Braided steel + PVC wrapped

Banjo Dia: 10mm / 0.39", 28* and 90* banjo bolts

Package Included:
1 x Hose

Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.

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