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Grip Heaters

Grip Heaters

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Don't put your pride and joy in the corner of the garage just yet, enjoy a lot more riding in the cold with grip heaters!

Cold hands are the number one reason most riders choose not to ride in the cold, don't be that guy!

Get out and ride!

Easy install, hook up to any 12V system and comes with convenient hi/low/off switch

Some other kits you see online do not come with a switch, ours does!

Just connect the red wire to a positive wire from your ignition and the black to a ground and you're all set! 

Installation instructions:

1.Place the heat plate on your grip
2.Wrap the heat plate around the grip evenly, especially where the heating plates touch ends.
3.Put on the shrink tube and adjust the position where you want it, use a heat-gun or blow dryer to shrink the tube uniformly around your grips 
4.Mount the switch on the rod of the rear view mirror (or anywhere with a bolt)
5.Connect power to any available switched 12V power source. Then connect black wire to any ground or bare metal frame.

6. Now go ride without freezing your hands off!


Item Width: 8cm
Item Length: 9cm
Heater size: 90x85mm
Heat shrink tubing: Black
Power: 10W
3 modes type : with High-Low-Off switch
Fitment: Universal for all 12V motorcycles atvs snowmobile etc

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