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Nut Bolt Extractor/Splitter Kit 5/16

Nut Bolt Extractor/Splitter Kit 5/16"-1-1/16"

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This amazing tool kit is a must have for anyone working on anything with nuts and bolts!

We have all been there before, you are working on your bike (or car) and you get a nut or bolt that either can't be removed or the head strips out! This tool kit is the ANSWER!

If you are having problems with a nut, you can just split the nut completely in half and remove it, or if its a bolt you can't get, than simply tighten the extractor tool against the bolt head and turn out! The pressure from the center punch of the tool will penetrate the bolt head and allow you to grip it enough to remove it!

This extractor kit fits any bolt or nut head ranging from 5/16" up to 1-1/16" (9mm up to 27mm)

Individual extractors below:

5/8''-7/8'' Nut Extractor/Splitter Tool

1/2''-5/8'' Nut Extractor/Splitter Tool

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