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Bar End Mirrors w/Turn Signals

Bar End Mirrors w/Turn Signals

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Cafe racer bar end mirrors with LED turn signals!

Get that clean and simple bar end mirror look while also integrating your turn signals.

Yellow LED turn signals also have a white running light option for those looking for more visibility on the street.

Works on all 12v systems

Wires run through the middle of the handle bars and also must exit the handlebars through a hole.

Round style mirrors HERE

Wire connection: 
1. Black--negative, Yellow--positive (LED Light is Yellow)
2. Black--negative, Red--positive (LED Light is White)

Material: glass, plastic and aluminum
Hex key required when install (Hex key not included)
Mirror Size:2.3"

Package Includes:
1 Pair Mirrors (1 Left & 1 Right )

1. Ensure your motorcycle handlebar size is 22mm
2. Find the best location to have your wires exit the bars
3. Ensure you're able to wire in the LED's
4. Fish the wires through the bars and out the hole
5. Push the mirrors on the end of the handle bar
6. Tighten the screws
7. Hookup wires
​8. Adjust the angle & you're done


*Professional installation is recommended* 

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