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Oil Extractor Pump

Oil Extractor Pump

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This is a must have for anyone doing their own oil changes!

No more removing the oil pan drain plug to drain your oil and spilling it all over the place.

With this pump all you have to do is hook it to your vehicles battery, and put the pump's suction end of the hose into your dipstick tube and suck it out! 

This electric 12V pump easily connects to your battery and works on oil, diesel, gas, and other petroleum based fluids.


Pump Voltage: 12V  Power: 45-50W
Input hose diameter:6mm & 8mm length:2M
Suitable fluid: Pumping gasoline, diesel, oil, methanol, ethanol, and coolant
Cable length: 3m/9.8' long

Tips: please use the device when the engine is warm, the engine oil is warm and viscosity is lower, this will be easier and faster to pump.

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